January 2023 Courses

Your dream career starts here.

Can’t find a course that matches your dream job? At Glasgow Clyde College, you can!

Whether you want to be a fashion influencer or a YouTuber, a professional chef or even a tech billionaire, our short full-time and part-time courses will put you on the right track.

Starting in January 2023, each course is 18 weeks long and is a first step to our full-time courses, which start in August.

And to give you an idea of what future jobs they could lead to, we’ve even renamed a few of the courses.

Just select a subject area from the list below, click on a course for more information, and hit apply. 

If you need more help to choose, contact our student advice team on 0141 272 3636 or email Here’s also some extra info about How to Apply, and each stage of the admissions process. 

Now, what do you want to be?  

Choose the subject area of your dreams:

The First Step to your Best Life (Access to Education courses)

How to Run the World (Business and Finance courses)

Pathway to your First Michelin Star (Hospitality courses)

Serving Looks and Feeling Good (Beauty and Complementary Therapy courses)

Introduction to Silicon Valley (Computing course)

How to be a Caring Superhero (Early Years, Health and Social Care courses)

Your Dream Career (For Speakers of Other Languages) (ESOL Transitions courses)

Saying it with Flowers (Floristry courses)

Planes, Trains and 5-Star Hotels (Travel and Tourism courses)