History of "Superman" (online)

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23 Aug 2022 @ Tuesday, 19:00 - 21:00 (23/08-11/10)
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8 weeks (1 eve per week)


This course is aimed at fans of the fictional DC character – Superman.

Following on from the success of our college courses on: Batman, Villains of Batman, Justice League, Robin and the recent Bat-Family course, we are now introducing another course which further promotes another famous character in DC comics - Superman.

Now’s your chance to say you have studied Superman at college!

What will I learn?

The popular DC character – Superman has been around since 1938 (over 80 years) and popularised the superhero genre. Superman is what many would think as a prime example of the "superhero" character as he wears an outlandish costume, has an alias / secret identity, and fights evil with the aid of extraordinary abilities.

Whether you are a hard-core comic fan, someone who just likes to watch the movies or cartoons, or have a keen interest to learn more about the Man of Steel then this course is for you.

This course will cover all known versions of Superman to date as well as origin stories and history in media to present day developments. You will have the chance to ask questions in a safe welcoming environment.

You’ll also be presented with weekly fun quizzes and challenging fun scenarios.

The fictional DC universe along with other franchises have had a massive cultural impact and renewal in modern day life and media across the world, igniting more engagement in communities through a strong shared passion.

The course will cover a range of media such as film, cartoons, comic books, and gaming that have had all had any incarnation of the Superman character. This course will be fun, engaging, informative and inspiring for any learner.

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