SQA National Courses: Highers and National 5s (Langside Campus)

Langside Campus
SCQF Level
Start Date
24 Aug 2020
Qualification Type
Course Type
1 Year (August to June)

This programme of SQA National 5s (SCQF Level 5) and Highers (SCQF Level 6) at Glasgow Clyde College offers you the opportunity to study up to three National Courses subjects, alongside guidance and support units.

You may study a mix of National 5 and Highers or all subjects at one level.

What will I learn?

Applicants will be offered advice and guidance in making their subject choices and in being placed on the correct levels of study. We would ask you to fill out your application form as fully as possible to help us in the process of selecting those to invite to attend an initial information session. If selected, attendance at the information session is compulsory and you may be invited for a follow up one to one interview. Please provide full details of all your qualifications on your application form, including any that are still pending.

We offer the following National 4, 5 and Higher courses as part of our day programme:


National 4

National 5










English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)




Human Biology







Mathematics (Applications)











Employer and industry links

This course primarily provides access to further study although will enhance employment prospects in a wide range of areas.

Jobs and further study

This course primarily provides access to further study, in vocational or general education areas at SCQF levels 5 and above.

Entry requirements (minimum)

  • For SCQF 5 subjects (National 5) we require a minimum of a pass at National 4 (with added value unit) or equivalent, in the selected subject.
  • For SCQF 6 subjects (Higher) we require a minimum of an A or B pass at National 5 or equivalent, in the selected subject.
  • For entry to Social Science subjects which are not traditionally offered in schools such as such as Psychology and Sociology, previous study of the subject is not required your current qualifications will be taken into account and an entry test will be required.
  • If English is not your first language, for study at SCQF level 5 you must be able to demonstrate English language skills at that level (e.g. SQA National 5 level, IELTS 5 or equivalent) and for study at SCQF level 6, English language skills at SQA Higher level or equivalent.

Please note that due to the high number of applications received not all applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements will be invited to an information session.

Completing your application
Your application must state which subjects you wish to apply for. Ensure that you have the minimum entry requirements stated, or if you are still waiting on results, state that these results are pending.

Please make sure all qualifications and grades listed are accurate as these will be checked and failure to supply the correct information may result in your application being rejected. 

Due to the high level of challenge presented by National Courses, and the significant demand for this programme, please note that the above represents minimum entry requirements. Our selection processes will also take into account the breadth of subjects studied previously and must show evidence of progression within that. An academic reference may be required.

Note that the personal statement section of the application form is an important part of our selection process and must be completed fully with as much detail as possible.

Applications that do not include a personal statement or qualification details are automatically rejected.

Applicants below the statutory school leaving age at the start of the programme are not usually accepted. 

Entry requirement equivalency table

Making an application

For courses starting in August, you can make up to two applications.

Applications are made to a course and a first choice of campus. If the course is oversubscribed at your first choice you will be automatically considered for alternative sites and may be made an offer without a further application.

I've applied — what happens next?

You will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your application and will be in contact as per the following stages:

  • Initial selection for information sessions will be based on the information supplied in the application form, in particular the qualifications already gained or pending and your personal statement. You should be prepared to make your subject choices at this session.
  • Following the group information session we will then check your qualifications in relation to your subject choices and you will receive one of the following:
    • An unconditional offer
    • A conditional offer (usually based on results pending). Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you notify us if you have met your conditions within 5 days of SQA results being published.
    • An invitation to interview
    • A rejection 

Note that the majority of information sessions take place between mid-April and June

The results of interviews will be notified within 10 working days of the interview.

Once an offer is received you must reply within 10 working days or risk losing your place.

If a place is unavailable at your campus of first choice, you may be offered a place at our other campus and you must also respond to this within the timescale above.

Once you have accepted your offer, you will be sent further information, including information on Student Funding, Joining Instructions, and Induction Date.

More questions? Contact us about this course

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