Star Trek: The Evolution (online)

SCQF Level
Start Date & time
31 Jan 2022 @ Monday, 19:00 - 21:00 (31/01 - 21/03)
Qualification Type
Course Type
8 weeks (1 eve per week)


This course is aimed at Star Trek fans. Whether you are a hard core “Trekkie” or someone who just likes to watch the show or movies, this course is for fans or anyone who wants to learn all about Star Trek from beginning to end.

What will I learn?

  • Study the Star Trek timeline and study online fan theory
  • Discover how today's technology has developed and has been inspired by this Sci-Fi
  • Delve into and learn Klingon (which although fictional is recognised as a language)
  • Look at how the series and its audience have represented and helped shape and influence scientific achievements
  • Learn about the different Star Trek series, from the original William Shatner Star Trek, through Next Generation, Voyager and all the way to Star Trek Discovery and Picard.

This course will be fun, engaging, informative and inspiring for any learner.

You'll touch on ideas that the show has delved into which are on the minds of people today such as rebellious artificial intelligence, eugenics, discrimination and tensions raised by race and humanity.

If you’re a Star Trek fan, it’s time for you to Engage with Glasgow Clyde College. Make it so!

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