History of "The Batman" (online)

SCQF Level
Start Date & time
2 Feb 2022 @ Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00 (02/02 - 23/03)
Qualification Type
Course Type
8 weeks (1 eve per week)


This course is aimed around fans of the fictional DC character, Batman, and for anyone who wishes to learn all about the caped crusader.

Whether you are a hard core “Bat-Fan” or someone who just likes to watch the movies or cartoons, or you have a keen interest to learn more about Batman then this course is for you.

Anyone who wants to learn about all about Batman from origin stories and history in media to present day developments. You will have the chance to ask questions in a safe welcoming environment.

What will I learn?

The fictional DC universe along with other franchises have had a massive cultural impact and renewal in modern day life and media across the world, igniting more engagement in communities through a strong shared passion (one of our four College Values is Passionate).

This leisure course is not assessed so there is no added stress to the learning experience.

This course will have a range of discussions and you will be taken through Batman Scenarios and origin stories. This course will delve into the concepts and limits of human potential using The Batman as a case study.

Each week will have debates and class discussions and content study from YouTube and other media. The course will cover a range of media such as film, cartoons, comic books, and gaming involving The Batman.

We will briefly examine and question the sociopathy of this hero which often blends into the territory of a villain.

This course will be fun, engaging, informative and inspiring for any learner. The Batman has had a cultural impact and has a massive fan base across the world as well as in our own local community in the City of Glasgow.

Glasgow Clyde College is now offering you the chance to study this DC Hero and be the first to say “I’ve studied Batman”.

If you have a passion or interest in the Dark Knight, and believe Batman is the hero you deserve, hit Buy Now!

Our students have a brilliant time on this course; here's what previous student's had to say...


"The course appealed to me as a fan of comics but wound up being a one two punch of the unique history of the world's most infamous caped crusader on his conquest of media! Learned lots of new facts and was shown resources and information that kept me busy for weeks afterward. Wonderfully enthusiastic lecturer and an open discussion format allowed a lot of fun trivia to be shared." 


“Was a great course that fills all parts of Batman from the history and psychology of batman also films and comics. left course believing that………..   I AM BATMAN”


“I was delighted to be part of the first Batman course!

I really enjoyed each week and found the content informative and found out lots more about my favourite Bat! I liked that the course covered all aspects of Batman from the comics to the Adam West TV series and movies to the more recent films. I really enjoyed the week when we looked at the psychology of the Batman.

The information George had provided was amazing i am looking forward to the Villains course!”


“As well as being a really fun and enjoyable course, I learnt so much I didn’t know about Batman. The lecturer really knows his subject and created an environment where the students could share their own knowledge with each other. Completing this course has really taken my interest in Batman to a new level!”


“This course features an excellent depth of information on Gotham’s hero and varies in topics every week, while also being a great way to meet fellow Die-Hard BatFans!”


“Very interesting, fun and enjoyable delve into the origins of Batman through all the different outlets- film, tv, comics and games.”


“The online Batman course was great. The material covered a wide range of Batman topics, and everyone was able to discuss their thoughts and opinion in a very friendly way. George is a great facilitator and helped to make it a very interactive course, but at the same time if you wanted to just watch and listen go the online sessions, you could. It also helped cure the boredom of lockdown. To top it off, there was a bat certificate at the end.”

Arnaud (Studied course whilst living in Canada)

"Even on the other side of the planet, I had the chance to be part of the first and fantastic George's Batman course! He certainly is the biggest fan I ever got to meet! You will learn a lot of new things about your favorite character and you will have the chance to connect with other passionate people. Even if, like me, you're not in Scotland, this course is definitely for you!"

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