Iso-lation Olympics

Event: Ice-olation Olympics

Deadline Date: Thursday 3 December 

Evidence: Video submission

The second competition, the Ice-olation Olympics. What a pun!

So this is a bit of a wintery, sporty challenge - but don’t worry you don’t need to be into fitness or sport to be able to do this. 

For this challenge you need to see how many layers of clothes (t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, anything…) you can put on in 30 seconds. To enter the competition you need to send us a 30 second video of you putting on all those layers. The winner will be the person who has managed to put on as many layers as possible in the space of 30 seconds. Once you have your video - send it to your to your student association at or on social media to enter by the closing date 12 noon Thursday 3 December and that £100 voucher could be yours.