Money Advice Scotland

Money advice scotland 1Money Advice Scotland is Scotland’s money charity. They exist to help people in debt, support money advisers, and influence policy. Their mission is to be the driving force towards financial wellbeing for the people of Scotland. You can read about their priorities for the next few years, which are outlined in the Money Advice Scotland strategy for 2018-2023.  

What they do:

  • Support money advisors
  • Help people in debt
  • Influence Policy
  • Improve Financial Wellbeing

Money advice Scotland have attended many of our college events in the past and have also run specific workshops for students, if this is something that may be of interest to your class then please get in touch with GCCSA and we can look to arrange a session that suits and on a useful topic.

Students can access the e-Learning modules and MAS Online Bank via Money Advice Scotland which simulates online banking to allow you to get more familiar with its functions. You can register below.

To register for the e-Learning Modules: click here

To register for access to MAS Online Bank: click here

For the latest news from Money Advice Scotland for this link here.

You can also access the Money Advice Scotland website:

In addition, you can also stay up to date and find out how to get support through social media:

Twitter: moneyadvicescot  
Facebook: moneyadvicescot