TPCP1 Testing and Purging of Pipework >1m3

This TPCP1 course is designed to test your competence in gas safety, through practical knowledge and an assessment, in the work of testing and purging of all sizes of pipework commencing downstream of the meter control valve to the position of usage, or the termination of the installation pipework.

Course content

  • strength test calculations
  • tightness test calculations new installation
  • tightness test calculations existing installation
  • purge calculations
  • strength test
  • tightness test new installation
  • direct purge to fuel gas form air - commission
  • appliance connection tests
  • tightness test existing installation
  • direct purge to air from fuel gas - decommission
  • underpinning knowledge questions
  • new installations
  • existing installations
  • purging.
Before taking the assessment you must hold a certificate of competence in the following:
  • Commercial Core Gas Safety Assessment - COCN1


Training (1 day) only: £60
Assessment (1 day) only: £150
Training and assessment Price: £210
Additional costs: course book: £50, registration fee: £45

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