Exploring Boundaries: A Path to Creative Innovation

Exploring boundaries: A Path to Creative Innovation, is a series of four conceptual workshops which will help you to explore and delve deeper into the creative process. Each workshop will have a different theme, such as play, to help explore innovative approaches to art and design.

These workshops are ideal for helping to build a strong portfolio, develop dynamic research skills and create a chance to explore communication during the design process.

Using visual arts techniques, you will explore experimental and individual approaches to gathering research. Unique research is vital in creating original and thought provoking work. 

Conceptual thinking can often be seen as abstract or random, but when directed and explored in the correct way it can encourage diversity in thought process and cohesive decision making.

These workshops will provide a great chance for you to find your individual voice as an artist/ designer. The workshops are suitable for students across all art and design disciplines. 

Feedback from previous workshop participants includes:

“I have learned to be more fluid in creative process, exhausting every way of exploring your concept. Being open to be creative and work in my own way and not to a structure.”

“I’ve learned a lot, the workshop made me more free and open to try new things.”

“Spending more time thinking conceptually, but also allowing opportunity for free play - trying out 3D design of an idea” 


Workshop 1: Play Cross media - 12 October 2017

Exploring the importance of play in creating work and play during the creative process. We will consider thinking ‘outside the box’, how this can be interpreted and finding a way to express your thought process in a coherent, engaging way. 

Workshop 2: Working between 2D and 3D - 7 December 2017

When creating and designing, it is important to consider the relationship between 2D and 3D. We will explore form, shape and proportion through a series of different mediums and approaches which will help encourage a fluid transition between 2D and 3D.

Workshop 3: Developing Flow - 8 February 2018

Developing Flow Repetition can be important in developing flow. Flow is when your brain is at its most productive and most creative. Using movement as our theme, we will challenge traditional methods of idea generation and design development.

Workshop 4: Considering Scale - 19 April 2018  

Scale is important in the viewing experience in all forms of visual art and design. It often defines the meaning of a work, and is a central element to how it is viewed and understood. We will be questioning the role of the viewer and looking at the relationship between a piece of work and location or place. 

Start date

19 April 2018

Start date

03 February 2018

Start date

07 December 2017
(Thursday 18:00 - 21:00)

Start date

12 October 2017
(Thursday 18:00 - 21:00)


3 Hour(s)


£30 per workshop

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